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Dear New Mexico Congressional Delegation,

I express my support for the designation of Mimbres Peaks National Monument in Luna County New Mexico. I believe that the preservation of these lands is essential due to the cultural heritage, biological diversity, and recreational opportunities they offer. 

Luna County’s public lands hold immeasurable cultural and historical value, serving as a testament to our rich heritage and diverse ancestry. These lands are of profound significance to modern-day Tribes and Pueblos, and the ecological and scientific importance of this area cannot be overstated. 

The Chihuahuan Desert lands in southern New Mexico are among the most biologically diverse in the Western Hemisphere and are home to rare and endangered wildlife and plant species. The mountains and their water resources play a pivotal role in sustaining life in an otherwise arid environment, making them critical in the face of our rapidly changing climate. 

In addition to their cultural and ecological significance, these lands offer invaluable opportunities for outdoor recreation.  As we have seen with neighboring Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument, protecting well-known areas including the Florida Mountains, Tres Hermanas, the Cookes Range, and the Good Sight Mountains will not only preserve our natural heritage but will also ensure long term economic stability that is needed in Southern New Mexico.

These lands have the power to shape the future by fostering a deep connection to the land while also enhancing our visibility and promoting vibrant recreation opportunities on a national scale. 

I support the Biden Administration, New Mexico’s congressional delegation and local elected officials working to protect these public lands for the benefit of all as a national monument.

photo credit: Jessica Gomez
photo credit: Wayne Suggs
photo credit: Jessica Gomez

Thank you for your support on the designation of Mimbres Peaks National Monument