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Proposed Map for the
Mimbres Peaks National Monument

This map shows areas of interest that community members have interest in protecting. These identified units are where people already recreate, and are also sites of great historical and archeological value.

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Southern New Mexico’s way of life and the local economy are built around public lands. Over the past decade the region’s network of protected public lands have spurred outdoor recreation and served as a key economic driver. The stunning mountains and surround valleys not only serve as a gorgeous backdrop, but they also provide critical water resources, host deep ecological value for plants and wildlife, hold a spiritual connection for Native people and provide solitude for those who heal and are refreshed by being in nature.

photo credit: Wayne Suggs

Luna County and City of Deming leaders in Southern New Mexico have recognized the immense value that federally managed public lands provide for the community and have witnessed the positive impact that protected lands in neighboring Doña Ana County –  home to Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument – has had on the region. Over the fall of 2023 the idea of establishing a Mimbres Peaks National Monument in Luna County gained traction among local leaders who are working collectively with stakeholders to strategize and plan areas for a new Mimbres Peaks National Monument, including portions of the Good Sight Mountains, Florida Mountains, Cookes Range, and Tres Hermanas.

These public lands are home to documented cultural and historic sites and are important to modern day Tribes and Pueblos. They also provide places for diverse outdoor recreation opportunities including hunting, hiking, equestrian use, biking, exploring dirt roads, camping, picnicking, photography, and more. 

Our coalition is working to help move these ideas forward by advocating for a national monument and encouraging local leaders and the federal delegation to work with President Joe Biden to ensure protections are put in place before the end of 2024. Your input, engagement in the effort, and support are welcomed. We hope you will join the effort to shape the future of public lands in Luna County.

photo credit: Jessica Gomez